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Me, playing at an open mic / jam.

Hi, thanks for visiting my lessons site.

So who am I and why do I know anything about guitar? Well, I’m Neil Speers, aka Hardwire Speers.

My first admission – no, I don’t know everything about guitar, yes I’m still learning myself.

But, I have been playing guitar since 1976 – so you could I have a few years under my fingers on guitar. I have played on the road with a cover band, released 3 albums of original tunes (to date) and won an award for songs I wrote for a video entered in competition. I’ve been in numerous bands, duos, a jazz trio (although I can’t claim to be a serious jazz player.) Currently I’m doing a lot of solo shows and am the guitarist for The Big Heat.

Hardwire Speers - Photo by royandbetty.tvDoes that mean I know anything? Not necessarily – it’s true I studied the book  Elementary Rudiments of Music way back in high school, and had a great teacher named Don Pope who taught me way more than the basics. But the truth is for many years I just relied on modified pentatonic patterns.

So, I started delving into deeper theory for guitar and have learned quite a bit – and am learning more as I go. What I’m sharing here is a bit of what I’ve learned over the years. I hope it helps you get more out the guitar. These pages will be an ongoing and growing concern – so please check back and see where it’s at.


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Hardwire Speers – solo acoustic and electric performances

The Big Heat – blues rock band

Pure Bred Mutt Records – label

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